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Chelmsford and District Sub-Aqua Club

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Hello and welcome to the website of the Chelmsford & District Sub-Aqua Club.

Please visit the About Us page to see what makes us tick.

The site is currently being updated frequently so please pop back regularly. Members should regularly check the social activities page and the section to keep up to date with what is going on in the club and the dive programme page to see what dive spaces are available.

In addition if you want to be kept up to date with club news, events and dive trips join the clubs egroup which is open to members and friends of the Chelmsford Sub-Aqua club and has become our favoured method of passing on information.

If you wish to speak to us you can contact us on our club mobile: 07581 022417




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Dive Season Getting Under Way

Our season opener at Stoney Cove is now just a day away


Stoney Cove Water Conditions 15th April
Average visibilty around 6m, Temperature 9c surface to 5c at 35mtrs. Conditions good

Looking forward to it regsmiley

Dive Bookings

The Dive Bookings list for 2014 is now available in the members area

Let me know if you don't remember your username or password

Have a look at the bookings I have for you - make sure it has the dives you expected

Have a safe 2014




Chelmsford and District Sub-Aqua Club

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