As part of our work as a responsible organization and in line with the British Sub-Aqua Club guidelines, we have appointed a Welfare Officer to ensure that all of our activities are in keeping with the safety and security of our members and to encourage an inclusive and considered approach to everything we do.
Our branch training encourages all members to take a responsible attitude towards safeguarding the welfare of other divers. In particular where young people or vulnerable adults are concerned, we would wish to assure parents and guardians that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of young children and juveniles who participate in branch activities.
We ask all our instructors to produce a current DBS clearance certificate, this is the new Disclosure and Barring Service certification which has replaced the old CRB checks, and it ensures that our instructors have no previous history which prevents them from working with children or vulnerable adults.
Our branch policy is that:
• The Branch advertises the requirement for instructors to undergo DBS checks in all membership application information - this is to be certain that potential members understand that they may be asked to undergo a check if they decide to progress to instructor levels, before they decide to apply for membership.
• The branch by-law requiring Instructors to undergo a DBS check is ratified at each subsequent AGM in order to take advantage of the BSAC’s registration as an Umbrella Organisation with the DBS.
• The Instructor must apply for the DBS check to be undertaken themselves via the Branch Welfare Officer – the correct forms will be provided to registered branches. There is no fee charged for the disclosure procedure and no details are revealed following the DBS check to the branch. See http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/agencies-public-bodies/dbs/ for further info.