Diving Overview

The club is a very active in its diving. In the past few years club members have dived all over Britain from Cornwall to the Orkney's and around the world in places such as Australia, Red Sea, Maldives, Jamaica, Thailand, Curacao and Bonaire.

Dives in the club are split between club dives (dives included in the published programme) and private dives (dives organised by club members that are not part of the published programme).

Club Dives

These are organised and pre booked by the committee. The main Dive Programme is published as dives are booked and members book on to those that they wish to go on. Over subscribed dives have places allocated by the committee to ensure that every member gets fair access to the programme. Any spare spaces will be made available to non-club members once all members have been advised of their confirmed dive bookings and had the opportunity to exchange bookings for any dives where they are on the reserve list.

Club dives are first announced at the open forum on the first Tuesday of each month and are then published here a few days later.

Private Dives

In addition to the dives organised by the committee, members frequently organise dives for themselves and others in the club, these are known as private dives even though in most circumstances they are open to all sufficiently experienced club members.

The private dives tend to be dives with a more limited appeal whether this is caused by cost, accessibility or specialisation.

Because of this limited appeal it is preferable to ensure a sufficient number of divers are available before committing to a trip, they are therefore impractical to organise by the committee. Private dives are actively encouraged and supported by the committee.

Recent and planned private dives include:-

  1. Liveaboards on the west coast of Scotland.
  2. Liveaboards in the Red Sea.
  3. Liveaboards at Scapa Flow.
  4. South of France
  5. Scilly Isles

Private dives tend to be advertised by word of mouth during club meetings or on the egroup.

We have also modified a copy of the BSAC marshalling sheet which available for anyone to use as required.