New Diver Training

The club has a number of experienced instructors that carry out the training on a voluntary basis. We will normally allocate an instructor to each pair of trainees for the duration of their pool training. This helps ensure continuity in the training and introduces you to club members.

The club has a number of sets of scuba equipment for the use of trainees for which we make a small charge of £50, this covers the cost of servicing, wear & tear, insurance. We have a policy of replacing at least two sets of equipment each year to ensure that we always have equipment in good condition available for our trainees. We ask you for a deposit of £500 for the equipment, this is taken in the form of a cheque but it is not cashed. It will be handed back when you return the equipment.

Training for the first two qualifications (Ocean & Sport Diver) is divided into three sections, theory, sheltered water and open water.  On average this can take between 3-6 months but is partly dependent on the time of year when it comes to your open water training.  Our training programme is set nationally with safety as the key priority and progress is at a pace to suit each individual. To become an Ocean Diver (up to 20 metres) you will need to successfully complete 7 theory lectures, 5 sheltered water sessions and 5 open water sessions along with a swimming assessment and an exam.  


Theory lessons for Ocean and Sport Diver are taught on a Tuesday evening from 20:30 onwards. Check with the Training Officer to confirm the venue.

Sheltered Water


Sheltered Water Lessons take place in the indoor pool at Chelmsford Riverside Ice and Leisure complex from 20:30 onwards on a Friday evening.

Open Water

Most of the open water training takes place in Stoney Cove in Leicestershire or Gildenburgh near Peterborough.