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My Ocean Diver experience

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My name is Eddie and i qualified as an Ocean Diver in 2023.

I joined in October 2022. My training was difficult but a great experience learning how to overcome challenges like taking my mask off in the pool. I also had to take my mask off at Stoney Cove to qualify which was tough, but I’m glad I did it – when I went on a dive in Majorca after qualifying, I was diving with my mum and my mask kept flooding, so I had to remove it twice to finally sort the problem! I did my first club dive in Northumberland at Farne Islands. My mum and I were really hoping to see some seals. We did see some not just above the surface but underwater as well. One seal I saw stalked us from a distance behind some rocks as we watched it. Overall the trip was great and my first experience on boats.

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