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Chairman – Steve Hawkins

Steve has been diving since 2014. He is a Sports Diver who has dived mainly around the UK, but has dived also in Cyprus, Mexico and the Red Sea.

Diving Officer – Bob Butcher

Bob has been diving and a member of this club for several years.
Bob has dived extensively in the UK and abroad .

Secretary – Harriet Williams

Harriet has been diving since 2014. She is a Sports Diver and Assistant Diving Instructor.She has dived mainly in the UK and enjoys looking for the marine life whether on reefs, wrecks or under Swanage pier, and is always keen to see something she has never spotted before.

Treasurer – Paul Till

Paul has been diving since 2015 and took on the role of Club Treasurer in 2019. He is currently a Sports Diver, working towards Dive Leader. Diving mainly in the UK, Paul’s preference is for wreck diving, but he is always happy to explore the marine life and is still awaiting his first encounter with a wild sea-horse

Training Officer – Linda Butcher

Linda has been diving since 2000 and has dived in Australia, Malaysia, Kenya, Malta, Red Sea. She still loves diving around the U.K.
She is a Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor.

Welfare Officer – Kate Smith

Kate joined the club in 2022 after a few try dives over the years in Australia, Cyprus and Greece. She qualified as an ocean diver this year with her teenage son who is also a member of the club. Kate has enjoyed the UK diving delights of Swanage, Stoney Cove and the Farne Islands so far and love the amazing wildlife the UK has to offer.

Media Coordinator – Josey Travell

Josey first learnt to scuba dive off the west coast of Scotland. Having moved south, she has now completed her Sports Diver training and has enjoyed exploring more of the glorious UK dive sites. Her interests lie in marine life and ecology.

Social Media Officer – Dom Harvey

DDom Started diving in 2013 with the Chelmsford Club and is now an Assistant Instructor he especially loves diving the East coast of Scotland , but never misses an opportunity to dive on holiday in warmer waters . He organises Dive trips , quiz nights and River Clean ups . He is always looking at new ideas to have fun and share diving and is always happy to have a chat if anyone has any questions.

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